2016 Election: Voting is Vital!

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Both Republicans and Democrats may groan as they look at the presidential nominees for 2016.  Many Americans, even believers, are left feeling confused, hopeless, and uninterested in casting a ballot.  In fact, according to a recent Reuters poll, “as many as a quarter of self-described ‘born-again’ Christians say they will vote for neither of the two leading political candidates for U.S. president.”

As the body of Christ, we are called to stand up for righteous leaders.  But what happens when neither candidate seems to pursue standards of holiness?  The Church must rise up!  “[S]urrendering the public square to someone else’s morality doesn’t preserve a bracing Christian witness against the backdrop of a dark world.  It only leaves that world still darker” (Focus on the Family).  Besides the presidential seat, many other important offices will be decided this November:

  • -All 435 members of the House of Representatives
  • -34 of the Senate seats (1/3)
  • -12 state governorships
  • -The makeup of 87% of state legislative chambers nationwide
  • -More than 85 important ballot measures in 30 states

Those who refuse to vote simply because of the choice of presidential candidates ignore the numerous other opportunities to vote strong Christians into prominent leadership positions in our nation.  As Americans, our lives are greatly influenced by decisions made at the local, state, and national levels.  According to Focus on the Family, “regardless of the circumstances of a given election, it’s [our] duty to reject apathy, resist discouragement and embrace [our] roles as citizens, decision-makers for our government and stewards of our nation.”  As far as voting for a presidential candidate, ask our Father – the One who puts leaders in their positions.  As a good Father, He is interested in the political atmosphere of America.  And he longs to speak to us.

Running up until the presidential election, David’s Tent DC “is a gathering place for the Church of America to publicly worship Jesus from the highest point of our nation – the grounds of the National Mall in Washington D.C.” On June 18, Gateway took a group of 11 down to Washington D.C. to worship at David’s Tent.  Started by Jason Hershey in 2012, David’s Tent DC seeks to make worship a central part of our nation.  Inspired by King David, who hired over 4,000 worshippers to praise the Lord under a tent during David’s 33-year reign, David’s Tent DC operates solely to honor and glorify the One who is worthy.  Along with worship and prayer, David’s Tent DC also features a Bible, which people who come to the tent can read aloud, thereby declaring God’s Word over America.  The aim is to read the entire Bible aloud from cover to cover.

What does David’s Tent DC – a non-political movement – have to do with the 2016 election?  When we worship the Worthy One, His Spirit comes.  So, although we may have many thoughts and feelings about the upcoming election, let us submit FULLY to the One who is worthy.  Let us surrender our thoughts and align our minds with Christ.  In Him alone will we find wisdom and understanding about how to vote in the 2016 election.

(As a side note:  Gateway House of Prayer goes to David’s Tent monthly.  If you are interested in going, please email nickmousetis@gatewayprayer.com to reserve a van seat.)

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