EMBARK Commitments

EMBARK Commitments

EMBARK Commitments

Personal Devotion

Those accepted into EMBARK are expected to live a “priestly lifestyle.” This simply means that you are committed to a consistent pursuit of the knowledge and experience of God through studying and meditating on the Scriptures, worship, and a sincere and devoted prayer life. We are called to minister to the Lord through worship and praise.

Christian Leadership Lifestyle

As Christians, we are called to be leaders in our families, churches, communities, and the marketplace. As EMBARK Internship students, it is important that you live a life worthy of the call of God as defined by scriptural standards. Although no one is expected to be perfect, it is expected that you will pursue God’s will even in weakness while growing in obedience to Him and increasing in godly character, known as the fruit of the Spirit. Be the leader you would want to follow.

Honoring Leadership

EMBARK expects you to submit to the Gateway staff and leadership of the EMBARK internship in matters pertaining to the practical workings of the internship. This is of utmost importance as you are given opportunities to minister alongside seasoned leaders during ministry in various settings.

Church Membership

Students are strongly encouraged to belong to and support a congregation, being practically connected by serving the members of that local congregation. This includes any gathering of believers in Christ where there is definitive leadership who serve as elders, pastors, or overseers that give direction and oversight to the congregation. We do not recognize gatherings without defined leadership/eldership as a local church, although we affirm Jesus can be and is present in such gatherings.

Financial Commitments

Tuition for the EMBARK Internship is $750/individual or $1200/couple (Early bird- $650/individual or $1,100/couple). Included in this cost is a $35 non-refundable application fee. Only checks will be accepted for the application fee. More information will be available soon on acceptable payment forms for the full cost of tuition.

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