EMBARK Training Outline

EMBARK Training Outline

EMBARK Training Outline

Matthew 21:13 “…My house shall be called a house of prayer…”

These are the core components of the EMBARK experience. Please read over and understand what you are committing to during this season of consecration. We tell all of our interns “you will get out what you put into it.”

  1. Ten hours per week in the Prayer Room

    1. The fundamental difference from this and many other programs is the emphasis on your time with God and the effect of that on all your life. This is the most important part of the Embark Internship, and our expectation is that the Holy Spirit will meet your seeking heart and teach you.

    1. You will study, meditate, worship, pray, listen to God, and put into practice other various spiritual disciplines you will be taught.

    1. You are required to sign up for one two-hour watch that you will commit to serve on each week. The remaining eight hours required each week can be completed however it best fits your schedule.

  1. Home Group and Prayer Training

    1. Monday nights from 7 pm – 9 pm, you will alternate between home groups and prayer training.

    1. Home group

      1. The home group you are in will be determined by the track you select.

      2. This time will help build community and provide foundational relationships with others in the internship.

    1. Prayer training will be held at Gateway

      1. You will grow in your understanding and practice of different spiritual disciplines such as intercession.

  1. Equipping Class

    1. Thursday nights from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

    1. Through teaching and impartation, you will receive instruction in various topics helpful for you to encounter God, ground you in the Scriptures and establish a kingdom lifestyle.

  1. Time Sheets

    1. You will record your time in the prayer room using time sheets provided to you.

    1. These will be collected on a weekly basis for integrity and accountability.

  1. Memorize Scripture

    1. Specific to each track, there will be scripture verses that you will memorize.

  1. Journaling

    1. You will keep a journal throughout the internship. You will use this to record what God is teaching, showing, and speaking to you.

    1. We encourage sharing your journal entries with your mentor to help process through what God is doing.

  1. Fasting

    1. From Food

      1. You will fast from food one day per week. While fasting food, you may still drink water or juice if you would like.

      1. Once during the internship, you will fast from food for a seven-day time period. Similar to the one day fast per week, you may drink water or juice.

        1. If you have a health issue that conflicts with these fasting requirements, please speak with the Embark director to be given an alternate assignment.

    1. From Media

      1. For the entire internship, you will commit to a media fast. This means fasting television, movies, secular music, gaming consoles, mindless web surfing, social media, novels, etc.

        1. Media/internet is permitted when necessary for your study, work, email, and purchases.

      2. When in doubt, please ask one of the EMBARK staff.

  1. Life Challenges

  1. Life challenges are practical ministry assignments giving you the opportunity to be stretched in your perception of “normal” Christianity. They involve, but are not limited to: preaching the gospel, praying for the sick, and ministering to the needy.

  1. You will be required to do three life challenges.

  1. Mentoring

  1. All interns will be assigned a mentor for the course of their internship. This is a valued and beneficial piece unique to the way we train.

  1. You will have two meetings a month with your mentor, each meeting lasting an hour.

  1. Outreaches

    1. You will have an opportunity for a ten day state-side mission trip following the completion of the Embark Internship – The cost for this is not included in the EMBARK Internship.

  1. Pastor Exit Interview

  1. Because of our value for regional teamwork and partnering with other churches, we do request that you meet with your home church pastor to discuss what God has done in your life through this internship.

  1. Orientation Day

  1. Orientation is being held on Saturday, February 3rd 9 am – 1pm in the ECC Café with lunch served. It is very important that you participate in this day.


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