Staff Member Support

Staff Member Support

As you prayerfully consider financially supporting a Gateway Staff Member as they serve in the prayer room of the Gateway House of Prayer, we thought it might be helpful to share how those finances are handled.

The Gateway House of Prayer is a ministry of HarvestNET Inc. which is a network of about 25 congregations and ministries here in Pennsylvania, around the U.S. and even around the world.  HarvestNET has a non-profit status from the federal government and therefore any gift you give will be tax deductible; you will receive an end-of-year receipt from HarvestNET.  HarvestNET works hard to maintain a high standard of financial accountability and integrity.

The Board of Directors of the Gateway House of Prayer has worked together to determine a specific salary range for those who will be serving in the prayer room.  The salary range helps give anyone who would raise support a good, livable wage as a goal in raising funds while at the same time helping them manage those resources.

All of the funds raised for your Staff Member will go toward their support and any taxes associated with their employment.  None of the funds you give will go toward administrative costs or Gateway general expenses.  HarvestNET will to some degree manage your Staff Member’s account.  For example if in a certain month they receive significant donations in excess of what is required to fill their salary for that month, the excess funds will roll over into future months when the donations may be less.  This is helpful to the Gateway staff as they budget their personal income.  In all cases, they will receive your donations.

Again, thank you very much for considering supporting any of our Staff Members, and in so doing supporting the Gateway House of Prayer and the region through prayer.  Please feel free to call or email me with any specific questions you may have concerning how we manage Gateway’s finances and your donations.

In Christ,
Kevin Eshleman
Chairman, Gateway House of Prayer

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