Evening Schedule

Evening Schedule

Evening Schedule

Gateway Sanitation Protocol

1. PLEASE do not enter if you are sick, have symptoms, or have been around someone with COVID-19.
2. Use hand sanitizer when you enter and leave Gateway.
3. Feel free to wear a face mask.

Thank you for honoring others in this season!

Nightly* Prayer Meetings 6 Days a Week

Gateway House of Prayer has an evening schedule. Come out and join us Monday – Saturday, 7-9 pm* for worship and prayer focusing on the following areas of influence (or 7 Mountains of Society). Here are the focuses each night:

  • Monday – Education
  • Tuesday – Church
  • Wednesday – Family
  • Thursday – Government
  • Friday – The Arts
  • Saturday – Open

      *  Thursday 4-6 am – Business

Pre-Service and Post-Service Worship Times

Also, if you want some personal time with the Lord, join us for devotional worship times from 6-7pm and 9-10pm most nights. We look forward to seeing you there!

Want to join a prayer meeting?

Contact our administrators!


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