Evening Schedule

Evening Schedule

Due to COVID-19 Regulations, the Prayer Room is open to pray individually and in small groups, we are NOT gathering in large groups for our Tuesday night Equipping Service quite yet. The other evening prayer watches have resumed the normal schedule.

Gateway Sanitation Protocol

1. PLEASE do not enter if you are sick, have symptoms, or have been around someone with COVID-19.
2. Use hand sanitizer when you enter and leave Gateway.
3. Use Spray Nine cleaning solution (located on foyer shelf) to sanitize areas you have touched.
4. Feel free to wear a face mask.

Thank you for honoring others in this season!

Watch for Updates!

Nightly* Prayer Meetings 6 Days a Week

Gateway House of Prayer has an evening schedule. Come out and join us Monday – Saturday, 7-9 pm* for worship and prayer focusing on the following areas of influence (or 7 Mountains of Society). Here are the focuses each night:

  • Monday – Education
  • Tuesday – Church
  • Wednesday – Family
  • Thursday – Government
  • Friday – The Arts
  • Saturday – Open

      *  Thursday 4-6 am – Business

Pre-Service and Post-Service Worship Times

Also, if you want some personal time with the Lord, join us for devotional worship times from 6-7pm and 9-10pm most nights. We look forward to seeing you there!

Want to join a prayer meeting?

Contact our administrators!


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