Watch Schedule

Watch Schedule

Watch Schedule

Current Available Watches:

  • Sunday 10am-12pm (3rd & 4th weeks)
  • Sunday 12-2pm (every other week)
  • Sunday 4-6pm
  • Sunday Live Worship 6-7pm (1st & 3rd weeks)
  • Monday 6-8am
  • Monday Live Worship 9-10pm (1st & 3rd weeks)
  • Tuesday 6-8am
  • Wednesday 2-4pm
  • Thursday Live Worship 9-10pm (1st & 3rd weeks)
  • Saturday 12-2pm (2nd & 4th weeks)
  • Saturday 2-4pm (1st & 3rd weeks)
  • Saturday 4-6pm (1st & 3rd weeks)

Become a volunteer and take the lead in an open watch!

Ready to lead on a prayer watch but aren’t an official Gateway House of Prayer volunteer? Download and fill out an application!

Anyone is welcome to attend any watch as a visitor, of course.  If leading a watch by yourself is too much at this point, consider co-leading with another volunteer!  Some of our watch leaders split the responsibility from week to week so the time commitment isn’t as demanding.  We encourage teams of 3 as this has proven to be the most sustainable over time.

Read on for a quick to tutorial on prayer watches, the theology and practicals of leading one!




Download an application and volunteer to take a 2-hour set in Gateway House of Prayer.  You can serve with others on a worship team if you are qualified or as an intercessor in any of the time-slots at Gateway.



Sign up for the EMBARK Internship, our 12-week discipleship program from February to April built around the reality of 24/7 prayer and worship and the Word of God. Learn about the worth of Jesus Christ, the tabernacle of David, God as our Father, the baptism, gifts, and ministry of Holy Spirit, and be inspired to walk out the first and second commandment and the great commission in community with other followers of Jesus!

If you’re looking for greater depth and more instruction, consider enrolling in the 9 month HarvestNet School of Ministry (HSM) running September through May.

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