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40 Ways to Give the Extravagant Love of Jesus until Christmas

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Join us at Gateway House of Prayer as we endeavor to practically walk out the love of Jesus expressed in sharing the good news in intentional ways from November 16th to Christmas day, December 25th.

NOVEMBER 16 40. Ask God to give you a passion to reach out to those who don’t know Him NOVEMBER 17 39. Make a list of family and friends that don’t know Jesus and pray for them NOVEMBER 18 38. Listen to God about how to creatively reach out to those on your list NOVEMBER 19 37. Pray for dreams and visions for those on your list (Acts 2:17) NOVEMBER 20 36. Tell someone you see that God loves them NOVEMBER 21 35. Buy a stranger’s coffee or meal (pay forward someone’s bill) NOVEMBER 22 34. Is there someone you could invite to join you for Thanksgiving Dinner? NOVEMBER 23 33. Ask God to help you overflow with thankfulness this week (Colossians 2:7) NOVEMBER 24 32. Intentionally thank an unbeliever for the role they have played in your life NOVEMBER 25 31. Hand deliver a verse to someone today NOVEMBER 26 30. Text or call 3 people and tell them you are thankful for them NOVEMBER 27 29. Purchase a gift and plan to give it to an unbeliever (Proverbs 18:16) NOVEMBER 28 28. Share God’s love by helping with a service project, soup kitchen, or at a local shelter NOVEMBER 29 27. Ask God who you could invite for coffee or dinner at your house in December NOVEMBER 30 26. Schedule a time in December to meet with an unbelieving person or family DECEMBER 1 25. Ask God to help you continually live and love intentionally this month DECEMBER 2 24. Let someone know that God has great purposes for their life (Jeremiah 29:11-13) DECEMBER 3 23. Continue to pray for everyone on your prayer list DECEMBER 4 22. Ask an unbeliever how you can pray for them, and then pray with them DECEMBER 5 21. Meet a neighbor and give them a treat DECEMBER 6 20. Happy Hanukkah! Pray that our Jewish friends would know Yeshua (Jesus) DECEMBER 7 19. Invite someone to your church or Christmas program DECEMBER 8 18. Pray at the start of every hour for someone in particular to know Jesus DECEMBER 9 17. Ask someone about their story and share your story too DECEMBER 10 16. Pray that the light of Jesus would shine brightly through you for others to see (2 Corinthians 4:4-6) DECEMBER 11 15. Gather some friends and pray for those who don’t yet know Jesus. DECEMBER 12 14. Give something valuable away to someone today (just as the wisemen did) DECEMBER 13 13. Who do you know that needs a miracle? Visit them and pray for that miracle DECEMBER 14 12. Write a note of hope and encouragement to someone (Romans 15:13) DECEMBER 15 11. Pray for everyone on your street to know Jesus’ love this Christmas DECEMBER 16 10. Be intentional with your faith and share God’s love story with someone today DECEMBER 17 9. Pray that everyone in your entire family would be save DECEMBER 18 8. Grab a group and sing Christmas carols on a street corner or in a neighborhood DECEMBER 19 7. Give a simple gift to an elderly person, and let them know they are not forgotten DECEMBER 20 6. Take a prayer drive with your family or friends and look at Christmas lights DECEMBER 21 5. Ask God to do extraordinary things this Christmas week (Ephesians 3:20) DECEMBER 22 4. Share the hope you have with someone that needs to know DECEMBER 23 3. Tell a stranger that Jesus is the greatest gift of all DECEMBER 24 2. Give a gift to someone and tell them the reason for the season

DECEMBER 25! 1. Wish everyone you see a Merry Christmas

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