The Portal

It was the 10th anniversary celebration of Gateway House of Prayer going 24/7, on the last celebration night, November 13, 2018 when this painting emerged in the midst of worship and message by Jason Hershey​.

I believe God was giving us perspective not only on what He accomplished in the 10 years but also encouragement for the years ahead.

THE PORTAL is what has opened here at Gateway House of Prayer. This portal is for sending out leaves of healing for the nations. As we minister to the Lord first and then set our petitions before Him with thanksgiving we become the healing leaves that change the atmosphere impacting the nations of this planet. Just as tree leaves give off oxygen into the atmosphere to give us health, so does our worship and prayers sown into the Kingdom of God, on earth as it is in Heaven, produce health here on earth.

Jason spoke about the story of the woman who broke the jar of costly perfume to anoint her beloved Savior. He called our attention to look not just how wonderful this anointing was but how deeply moved and captivated Jesus was with her. Jesus’s heart was bursting with love. Thus in the painting the white light is emanating from His heart as He pours out Living Water over all who enter His captivating love.

There is fire and water…..refining fire and cleansing living water….purifying worship…..holy relationship engagement.
Heaven and earth interchanging…..angels ascending and descending in this portal.

There are 8 purple (royal) figures. 8 represents BEGINNINGS. This is the encouragement that we are beginning a new season of God’s plans for this region. It will be like no other season ever!!!! He is lining up His royal priests for a harvest like we have never seen before. They have been through the Refiner’s Fire and been cleansed with intimacy in the Living Water. They stay refreshed even in the toughest battles. They know how to stay standing in the victory Jesus won at the cross and resurrection. They are unmovable, like Daniel in Babylon.

THE PORTAL is framed in metallic emerald. The metallic represents medal that has been refined and purified. The emerald is that of the atmosphere that surrounds the throne of God.

The soft yellow is that of fragrance and light of Heaven, that which causes life to open up to display the beauty of the Creator of all splendor.

To Him be all Glory.
Priscilla Williams​

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