The Power in Expectation

“The last week in September is coming up, and you know what that means,” she sighed. “Someone in my family is going to get sick.  It happens EVERY year. For the past five or six years now, at least one of us gets the stomach bug.  Last year, I thought we had made it through OK, but Gideon caught the flu at the end of the week.  It was a mess.”

There is power in expectation.  When we expect sickness, when we expect failure, when we expect rejection, it is more likely to happen. (That’s a scientific fact!)  Disclaimer: Expecting something does not guarantee that it will come, but it actually can increase the likelihood.

We must speak truth over ourselves, even if we don’t even believe it at first.  There is something so powerful about speaking life over ourselves, our families, and our homes.  Instead of speaking sickness over your family, let your words be “In the Name of Jesus, I declare that sickness comes nowhere near my family.”  Jesus’s death on the cross has given us that authority.  We belong to the victorious King Jesus, and He has defeated sickness and death themselves.  Abiding in Him gives us the same authority to command sickness and generational curses (like diabetes, cancer, suicide, etc) to flee.  Remind that disease who you belong to.  The Name of Jesus carries extraordinary power.

Expectations of sickness and depression lead to hopelessness.  But, expectation can be fruitful:  What if we expected God to show up on our high school and college campuses in big ways this year?  What if we expected God to provide the finances needed to pay off student loans? What if we expected God to restore our marriages?  What if we expected God to heal our neighbor lady of cancer?  What if we expected God to show us one person that we could share the Gospel with every day?  Imagine the lives around us would change.

As a challenge, commit to spending 10 minutes every day listening for God’s voice. But more than just listen, expect. Expect God to speak to you.

He wants to speak with you, to share His dreams with you.  He wants to meet with you, to tell you about the things that grieve His heart.  He wants to draw closer to you, to form a unique, intimate bond with you that no human could ever satisfy.  He wants to show you things, to give you dreams and revelations of who He is.

Listen to The Shepherd’s voice today, and wait before Him.  Wait with expectation.

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